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● ten years, cant wait for the past Wake up from your dream again, Open your eyes until the early morning, Make sure youre alone. Ten years have told the beauty of the old agreement, Now it is a stranger. How much you laugh when you meet
● "ten years, can't wait for the past"
Wake up from your dream again,
Open your eyes until the early morning,
Make sure you're alone.
Ten years have told the beauty of the old agreement,
Now it is a stranger.
How much you laugh when you meet and deceive yourself and others,
I don't know the Chinese language of that remark. I'm serious.
How painful it is to give up your existence.
In the memory, who is deeper than who.
Don't be so honest,
Why ask when you leave,
Indifference is more cruel than missing.
Don't be so serious,
Time will fade the scars,
How can unimportant people bind you half,
Maybe your growth is separation.
How persevering the road to the future,
Gradually alienated eyes.
Those who say they'll wait ten years,
It has been divided into four seas.
Don't be so cruel,
If you leave, don't ask again,
How naive it is to cling to the dream of that year in vain.
Don't be so pious,
Honorific alienation,
Far away,
If you don't make friends with a gentleman, you can't live up to it.
... unfinished
● those flourishing days are always engraved in the memory at the same time, becoming a hazy halo color, like the lightness of wind lotus rolled up under the moon, with cool and fragrant water vapor, which is silent in an instant. However, this temperature is as soft as the moon. After several years, those past finally gradually disintegrated in the ferocity of the years. The old dregs of the past were washed away by the waves, leaving only sharp debris, which eventually dried up into an iron wall of perseverance.
——East Palace
● this story is about independence, dream, courage and perseverance. It is not a fairy tale that comes naturally. There is no human suffering. This accident is that where there is a will, there is a way, and the hundred and two Qinguan pass belongs to Chu; This story is a painstaking man who lives up to his fate. He can swallow Wu for 3000 Yue Jia---- Liu Yuanyuan's noble son of a poor family
● at a young age, his face was patient. The rain all over the sky was like a knife, like a sword, like frost, wet his little face, a little haggard---- "Killing immortals"
● perseverance now is to stop tolerating everything in the future.
● if a person can accept the fate and all the pain attached to it and shoulder his own cross, he will still have sufficient opportunities to deepen the meaning of his life even in the worst environment, so as to keep the characteristics of perseverance, dignity and selflessness---- Victor frank, live for meaning
● how restless she was when I was away from home for a long time, with pain and panic and a mother's minimum prayer. Now I can conclude that with her wisdom and perseverance, she thought about it in the night after those empty white days and in the day after that sleepless night. Finally, she must say to herself: "anyway, I can't let him go out. The future days are his own. If he really wants to have something happen in that garden, I have to bear the suffering."---- "I and the temple of earth"
● trees, from the wind to its color, from the rainstorm to its perseverance, from the years to its height.
● a few days later, he wrote a long letter saying that he had just seen the film "biography of Mrs. Curie", which moved him to tears and admired her perseverance and unremitting efforts. In his letter, he wrote that people's ideals should be realized in a planned and step-by-step manner; First decide the focus of life, focus on efficiency, save energy, and even meaningless conversation should be minimized.
I have never heard of such an attitude towards life before. Such a declaration, accompanied by a strong language of love, was "very different" and even very interesting to me, who was still a young man of literature and art. After nearly 60 years of living together, I reread my life's letters and suddenly realized my ignorance of real life. At the beginning of our acquaintance, he had clearly written down his attitude towards people, which was very different from my sensitive, curious, thoughtful and imaginative nature---- Qi bangyuan's "torrent River"
● camels walk slowly, but they can finally reach their destination. A career is often made by perseverance and destroyed by impatience.
● "child, from now on, you will be the successor of the sun knight. As long as you experience pain and perseverance, but encounter setbacks, you will become more and more brave. No matter how great difficulties and temptations, you can stick to your knight glory. Then, when you grow up, you will take over the name of the sun knight from me."
"Teacher, can I go back?"
"Because I forgot to choose an alternate knight."
"... Knight of my life"
● yes, I can toss and turn for you and can't sleep at night. I can "stand up at midnight in the wind" for you and cause a fatal lovesickness for you, but I can't help you. Compared with those vigorous passions, helping each other needs a kind of heroism, perseverance, faith, self encouragement and never giving up. These are much harder than indulgence---- Yan Hong's "everlasting longing for each other is better than the appearance of the long face".
● don't deny yourself. No matter how bad the situation is, you can only be patient and work hard to create light
● in this world, it's easier to go with the tide and be obedient than to be patient and change the world
● I hope you don't do weeds,
Desolate your life in confusion,
Or silently watching the wind swaying and flowers blooming around.
I hope you grow into a tree,
Rooted in the field,
Not afraid of the wind and rain,
With pride and perseverance,
Stand out your calm color.
● China on the tip of the tongue:
In the law of eating, flavor is more important than everything. Never tied himself to a boring food list. With the understanding of food, people seek the inspiration of transformation in constant attempts.
All these imaginative transformations, the flavor they create and the sublimation of nutrition are amazing; And formed a part called culture, which can be inherited.
Time is the best friend of food, and time is also the sworn enemy of food.
Some scholars have inferred that human history has been sniffing the taste of salt. This is the taste of salt. The taste of mountain, wind and sunshine is also the taste of time and human feelings. These tastes have been mixed with the feelings and beliefs of hometown, villagers, nostalgia, diligence and thrift, perseverance and so on for a long time, so that we can hardly tell which is the taste and which is the feeling---- China on the tip of the tongue
● adversity creates the quality of perseverance.
● there will always be a desperate time
It will break all perseverance, rejection and indifference
● dreams are never far away. They just need to start. There are no difficulties and obstacles in this process. There are only perseverance and persistence on the long road~
● the master said that good things are hard to grind. It's a devil to bear (Ning fan) --- I'm the ink demon
● [three Chinas] China in the computer: the people are boiling with resentment and indignation, as if the people are struggling;
China in the media: harmonious, happy and efficient operation, as if revival is in sight;
China in life: busy struggling, numb and patient, as if it were calm.
● he believes in the truth, firmly believes in it, and will not turn back. Therefore, he is fearless and persevering, and can be satisfied with the worst meals and the poorest clothes: because he has no time to take care of these little things. He is kind-hearted, but his spirit is great and he is brave; His touching piety did not bind his freedom; He had no vanity, but he did not doubt himself, his mission, or even his physical strength. He often pursues the same goal, which makes his thought a little monotonous and his mind a little one-sided; He knows very few things, and he doesn't need to know many things: he only knows what his career is and what he lives for in the world, which is the most important knowledge---- Turgenev
● why do I love the Three Kingdoms instead of martial arts? Because I learned Cao Cao's strategic vision, Sun Quan's maneuvering, Liu Bei's perseverance, but I couldn't learn Chu LiuXiang's unparalleled skill
● I don't want to walk on a comfortable path, nor do I want a light burden; But for strength and perseverance, you can climb the rocky road
● love is forgiveness, not turning over the old account, perseverance and concession
● if a person can accept the fate and all the pain attached to it, and shoulder his own cross, even in the worst environment, he still has full opportunities to deepen the meaning of his life and keep the characteristics of perseverance, dignity and selflessness. Otherwise, in the cruel struggle to protect himself, he may forget his human dignity and become no different from animals. The sinister environment provides him with the opportunity to acquire spiritual value; He can grasp or give up this opportunity, but his choice can determine whether he is worthy of his pain. There are only a few people in the concentration camp who can hold the complete internal freedom and obtain the value of pain---- Victor frank, live for meaning
● she perseveres in the conscience and integrity of intellectuals, she perseveres in the care and love of great women, she perseveres in the indifference and tenacity of Chinese traditional culture, and Yang Jiang's heart is hard and soft.
To Yang Jiang -- sohu.com
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